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Affiliate Marketing: The Top Networks To Partner With

Affiliate marketing is one of the major industries nowadays. It has become one of the favorite online income sources for numerous professional bloggers. With so many online enterprises getting involved into affiliate marketing every other day, various network companies are offering immense opportunity to start marketing through their platform.

These companies serve a substantial factor in affiliate marketing ecosystem. They offer to aggregate various promos from multiple vendors, they create a common directory for the search engine where the affiliate marketers can find these offers. And finally they also intend to handle the administrative duties to run affiliate network.

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing network companies you must check out sometimes soon.

AWIN – Affiliate Window

With 13000 active advertisers and over 100000 affiliate publishers, AWIN primarily originated from Germany. Now it is available in 11 countries. It can work with both physical and digital products and merchants like Hyatt, AliExpress, Etsy and HP.

It is ideal for the experienced affiliate marketers who know how to hit the running ground without any feedback or guidance of the network. With as little charge as $5, an online account of affiliate marketing can be opened in this platform.


This is another largest affiliate marketing company. So far it has reached about 4000 merchants listed. It helps to publish an extensive amount of data on each running offers including: reversal rates, earning per click, average sale amount and average commission. Though these figures are not always guaranteed of the payouts that you may receiver, these surely help to assess the impact of any campaign. Therefore you can understand which is the best one and market the same with the extensive details of metric records. It pays out on the fixed date of 20th on each month. The nice thing about going with a big name affiliate network is that they opportunities in a large variety of niches and verticals. For example you can affiliate market for everything from software and every microniche within that vertical to different niches in the adult vertical. Many beginners start with the adult niche as there is a lot of traffic and often times less competition in certain micro-niches. One such example would be in adult dating or generating leads for skipthegames escort site. The online adult space can be very lucrative and can often be jumped into with minimal upfront cost.


Founded in 2004, MaxBounty is relatively a newbees in the affiliate marketing ecosystem. Nonetheless it has already earned quite popularity from the marketers. This is a Cost Per Action of CPA company which doesn’t deal with the likes or ad banners. So the customers can easily choose where to place the ad link on their blog site.

The company has claimed to have over 1500 active campaigns running. It works with exclusively digital products. So you can use it in signing up for any newsletter or send anyone an email. It offers several Pay per cal, CPA and CPL campaigns to choose from.

CJ affiliate

CJ affiliate is one of the major online affiliate platforms of the contemporary generation. If you are experienced in this field, you must be familiar to this one. Almost all the major retailers have their own affiliate programs running through CJ affiliate which was earlier known as Commission Junction. Most of the retailers have numerous ad sizes banners available to place in a channel as affiliate marketing. Therefore it gives an ideal control desired by every blog owner.

It has over three thousand partner networks and creative link options and sizes. Its net payment term is 20 which indicate that you can expect to get your commission at 20th of every month.

Flex Offers

As a huge affiliate marketing network, Flex Offers pay the affiliates more than many other brands in the industry. It has over 10 years of experience to survive in the field. That’s why most of the affiliates prefer to take assistance form Flex Offers and use their ad platforms.

It can connect various content creator, blogger and small, large of medium budget publishers, advertisers and brands. They offer over ten thousand distinct affiliate programs running so you can definitely choose an ad in your niche and place it in your blogging site.

Vig Link

Vig Link is different from other affiliate platforms in the sense that it is specifically meant for the bloggers. So as a blogger you can get a wide range of dynamic links and show it in your blog.

All the ads found in Vig Link have high conversion rate so you can expect to earn a handsome commission once you take assistance from this company.

This basically works as a middlemand between the merchants and the blogger or publisher. It can easily scan the publishers’ content and generate relevant links automatically that fits your niche and get you handsome revenue.

Click Bank

Click Bank is one of the most relevant and valuable affiliate marketing network company that helps you to place an ad in your niche. This is especially designed for digital content so you on;t have to wonder about its quality. It has a wide range of user base which speaks volume of their reliability and authenticity. The company brings extensive experience and expertise to the table and you may expect to get paid with your commission on a fixed date of every month.

Take assistance from these companies and generate handsome revenue soon.

low cost online business

Low-Cost Online Business Ideas

A lot of time when people think of starting businesses they think of high start up and operating costs. While this is true for a many businesses including online base businesses, there are also a lot of options that are low-cost startups. Shopify, a very popular ecommerce platform released a video that highlights some of these low cost business ideas. Check out the video below.

What do you think about some of these low-investment business ideas? We are curious to hear if you have any ideas for online businesses that would fall under the low start up cost category.