What Is an OLED TV?

OLED TV Next Generation LED TV is Here!

OLED TVs are completely revolutionary. Amazingly perfect black, increased color intensity, wider viewing angle, full 4K capabilities and most importantly jaw dropping design that makes it one of a kind When mounted on the wall by a professional in Houston, TX.

Perfect Black

So why is black color so important when it comes to TVs? Well, black color defines contrast which in return makes images come alive with greater details. OLED TVs pixels have the capabilities to turn off completely individually to achieve the perfect black with the best contrast for a revolutionary picture quality and without compromising engineering and maintaining its ultra-slim design.

Color Intensity

OLED TVs display a wider gamut of color intensity. This translates into colors that are more similar to the color gamut visible to the human eye. And due to the fact that human eyes perceive objects better when the background is a dazzling pure black, images on the OLED screen are detailed and vibrant.

Wide Viewing Angle

Regardless your position when watching TV with OLED TVs picture quality is not compromised for both flat and curved OLED TVs. This is achieve with the design and way the pixels are aligned on the screen. No misproportioned shapes, of viewing effect is created. Everything looks naturally vibrant.

Ultra-Slim Design

OLED technology allows designing a new type of TV that is super light and ultra-slim. Without a doubt is astonishingly elegant, and as sexy on a tabletop as it is when mounted on the wall.

Full 4K  and Smart Capabilities

4K is the standard of TV and without a doubt 4K OLED TVs surpass that benchmark with remarks. Its user interface is super intuitive even more the ones that have problems using new technology.



OLED TV LG-65EF9500 Review



  • Absolutely Perfect blacks, peerless contrast
  • Outstanding Color accuracy
  • HDR supported via HDMI and streaming
  • Amazing WebOS 3.0 Smart TV Interface
  • Stylish remote control


  • Just 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Judder integrates smoothing
  • Dimming at edges
  • Requires unique wall mount

CLM Editors’ Rating

5 Stars: Exceptional

Definitely a game changer!

New Sony VPL-HW45ES Home Cinema Projector

The new Sony VPL-HW45ES home cinema projector is said to display super sharp, crystal clear images for an outstanding cinematic experience.

VPL-HW45ES Sony Projector

After the success of the model VPL-HW65ES, the new modern VPL-HW45ES projector integrates advanced Reality Creation technology and well known SXRD panel by Sony. These technologies presents users a clearer and much more detailed image, with improved brightness, better contrast ratio, less background picture noise and the highest resolution.

Perfect for entry level aficionados to the home cinema experience, this fantastic projector fits perfectly in home theaters or living-rooms, with a noisefree fan a front-facing exhaust port for extra installation. Add to this the fact that the lamp has an operation time of up to 6,000 hours.

The demand for high definition quality from projectors has grown within the home theater industry for quite some years, guiding to Sony home cinema projectors integrating incredible advances.

The VPL-HW40ES comes with internal technology that is completely upgraded. This outstanding projector delivers bright pictures and mimics colors that are most of the time lost in the packaging process, it brings the experience closer to the 1080p original with 1,800 lumens of brightness. SXRD panels, along with Reality Creation and Motionflow features, give enthusiasts the opportunity to display films in high 3D or 2D movie quality

The small size of the VPL-HW45ES allows worry-free setup. This new projector is available in black or white. These two colors ensure the projector can display high quality pictures while blending well with a wide range of surroundings. The VPL-HW45ES long-lasting lamp of up to 6,000 hours makes it almost maintenance cycles longer, with its built in RF 3D transmitter and its USB update function to keep the device’s firmware up-to-date with the latest software upgrades.

“After the superior success of the VPL-HW65ES and the exceptional feedback received home theater owners, this projector has made a great cinematic experience better and more cost effective than ever,” said Thomas Issa, product manager for Home Cinema projectors at Sony Europe.

For those wondering when the new VPL-HW45ES projector will be available, the manufacturer says it will be until May.

Building a Little Home Theatre

Building a home theatre is refined expression of art. The engineering as well as aesthetic endeavor that integrates technical knowledge with creative interior design, all combined with the idea of developing a room that amazes the homeowner regardless if the lights are off or on. The end game of a breath-taking theatre room can be synthesized in one single word: Elegant.

Home theater

Elegant is the description for the project images you see here. It was built as part of a full attic renovation. Surprisingly, given the beauty that surrounds it, it’s not a the biggest home theater since the homeowners settled on a 22 x 26-foot room. But that didn’t stop designers from Multimedia Tech, of Houston, TX. from going huge—really huge—with the audiovisuals. Despite of the smaller dimensions, the home theater features a panoramic 180″ Screen Innovations Screen.

I personally visited the site repeated times, watching the construction team from Multimedia Tech negotiate through the various stages of the build.

How Big Can One Go?
When Multimedia Tech project consultant Francisco Hernandez first sat with the owner of this home theater to discuss the specs and parameters, he posed the same question he asks everyone.

“When we met,” says Hernandez, “I asked, ‘When you go to the commercial movie theater, where do you like to sit?’ Right away, the client said ‘Middle row. I wanna be right there!’ His immediate priority was getting the largest possible screen in his room and a sound system that could deliver a Dolby Atmos experience”

Of course right off the bat, the homeowner was in loved with the idea of a full width, floor to ceiling screen. However due to the given the number of viewers he wanted to seat, Mr Hernandez knew that such a low and wide reaching panoramic wouldn’t be possible without overpass sight lines specs not to mention that projector throw distance could also be a nightmare when trying to display such a huge picture across a descriptively small space, and design requirements had already established that the projector screen had to be on the larger of the 2 room dimensions. This was to accommodate a movie theater ramp entry-way that would assist isolating sound and light during a movie.

Mr Hernandez idea’s was to help the homeowner visualize what was really plausible and how amazing the image could be. So, very early during the design process, when the media room was still only open studs with no sheetrock work, he decided the unusual step of trying a test run. He brought in an Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000 intended for the job, along with an Apple TV and a full size home theater seat from Elite Home Theater Seating. The projector was temporarily installed in the intended location, the custom seat placed in the middle of the room, and a large painter’s drop cloth was hung up to act as a projector screen. Without a doubt the appropriate screen size was immediately obvious, and the client was fully satisfied. “Have You heard the expression about a picture is worth a thousand words?” says Me Hernandez. “Well, a projector and a painter’s tarp functioning as a projector screen is worth a soup opera.”

The initial plan was a drawing for an 9.2.2-channel system, but this was immediately scaled up to a 11.2.4 channel setup with high-performance Martin Logan Speakers used for the main and surround channels.

A Marantz AV7701 preamp/processor and a pair of Marantz MM7705 five-channel amplifiers rated at 140 watts per channel drive the surrounds and mains; and a pair of Martine Logan Subwoofers. The equipment rack is located behind all the action happens in its own utility room and houses a cable Apple TV streaming media player and a set-top box. Other source components that require local access, including a Appo Blu-ray player and both PS4 and Xbox One game consoles, are hidden in a compartment behind a spring loaded hinged panel at the back of the theater’s entry ramp. Lighting and automation control are provided by a Control4 remote and tablet app integrated to a dedicated processor.

Multimedia Tech

Multimedia Tech

Multimedia Tech is a privately operated, full-service audio visual enterprise which has been in service since May 2010 with its headquarters located in the city of Houston TX. In combination with home solutions, additionally we serve all of your commercial audio video components. Businesses including offices, bars and restaurants take advantage of our products and services.


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TV Installation The Woodlands

TV Installation The Woodlands

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