What Is an OLED TV?

OLED TV Next Generation LED TV is Here!

OLED TVs are completely revolutionary. Amazingly perfect black, increased color intensity, wider viewing angle, full 4K capabilities and most importantly jaw dropping design that makes it one of a kind When mounted on the wall by a professional in Houston, TX.

Perfect Black

So why is black color so important when it comes to TVs? Well, black color defines contrast which in return makes images come alive with greater details. OLED TVs pixels have the capabilities to turn off completely individually to achieve the perfect black with the best contrast for a revolutionary picture quality and without compromising engineering and maintaining its ultra-slim design.

Color Intensity

OLED TVs display a wider gamut of color intensity. This translates into colors that are more similar to the color gamut visible to the human eye. And due to the fact that human eyes perceive objects better when the background is a dazzling pure black, images on the OLED screen are detailed and vibrant.

Wide Viewing Angle

Regardless your position when watching TV with OLED TVs picture quality is not compromised for both flat and curved OLED TVs. This is achieve with the design and way the pixels are aligned on the screen. No misproportioned shapes, of viewing effect is created. Everything looks naturally vibrant.

Ultra-Slim Design

OLED technology allows designing a new type of TV that is super light and ultra-slim. Without a doubt is astonishingly elegant, and as sexy on a tabletop as it is when mounted on the wall.

Full 4K  and Smart Capabilities

4K is the standard of TV and without a doubt 4K OLED TVs surpass that benchmark with remarks. Its user interface is super intuitive even more the ones that have problems using new technology.